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26movielims's Journal

26 rounds of movie-based LIMS
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Hi everyone! Welcome to 26movielims. This is a last icon maker standing competition focusing purely on movies both current and old. However, this LIMS community is slightly diffrent from the others.

The idea is that each round will have 26 challenges each beginning with a letter of the alphabet. Each participant must battle in 26 challenges, submitting an icon for every letter of the alphabet, one person getting voted off in each challenge until the final challenge: round 26. Then, at round 25 the remaining will battle against the top three places: 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Since this is a brand new community, I am hoping this works out as it is a new idea. We will need 26+ participants in order to start the first round! Please join, promote and try it out, even if you have never participated in LIMS or icon making before.

Please check out the MOVIE SUGGESTION post. Here you can suggest a movie for a letter of the alphabet and it's first come first serve, if you are the first person to suggest a movie beginning with G it will definitely be added!

♥ You must sign up in order to participate in the rounds.
♥ Once you are voted out, you can not return and participate in future rounds unless you are voted back in when a comeback challenge is posted.
♥ Your icons must be no bigger than 100x100 and must not exceed LJ standards.
♥ All effects are allowed EXCEPT animation.
♥ Please do not cheat. If you cheat, and you are caught, you will be banned from this community: participating and voting.
♥ Please do not post your icons anywhere until voting is over.
♥ Icons must be new for each challenge.
♥ Follow the guidelines in each round. If these are flouted, your icon can not be accepted.
♥ If you are a participant, you MUST vote. Please see this really handy guide on voting by chacusha HERE
♥ Each participant will automatically receive THREE skips (due to the 26 rounds!) and you can earn more by participating, but you can only receive FIVE max. Please click here for more information.

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